Specializing in Heating Oil/Gasoline Tank Removal and Petroleum-Contaminated Soil Remediation

Our professional crew can handle just about any oil tank removal project, from residential to heavy commercial.

We Work with Real Estate Professionals and Municipalities

Trust our professional team to handle your critical remediation project.

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From site assessment to heating oil tank decommissionings and safe tank removal, Langseth Environmental Services handles projects large and small.


Licensed and bonded Langseth Environmental Services has worked extensively on State and Federal projects that are a paper intensive (Davis Bacon, prevailing wage, certified payroll, etc.) as well as many insurance aganecies.


If you have an active heating oil tank, you may be eligible for coverage under the Heating Oil Pollution Liability Program (PLIA). Langseth Environmental Services is on the approved list of service providers published by the PLIA.

A Qualified Team

All employee have completed OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 required Hazardous Waste Site Operations 40-hour training along with yearly 8 hour updates. Employees have also completed the required DOT Hazardous Materials and Emergency Response Training. All employees have completed OSHA required First Aid/CPR training with certified updates.

Our Valued Connections

Our New Partners

We have recently joined forces with Northern Environmental one of the Northwest’s premier local stormwater and waste management experts. Between Langseth and Northern Environmental we can handle all of your waste management needs.